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Oregon Roof Consulting Inspected Cuthbert Amphitheater in Eugene, Oregon (Feb 2014)

Oregon Roof Consulting Inspected Cuthbert Amphitheater in Eugene, Oregon (Feb 2014)

Roofing Gallery & Projects

Oregon Roof Consulting provides a wide range of roof consulting and inspection services. Select from the Roofing Gallery Index below to view information and photos that will help you learn more about roofing. 

(See Joe's Projects for information about roofing projects that Joe completed earlier in his career.)

(See South Pacific Roofing Projects for roofing photos and projects done by Joe in the remote South Pacific).

Saturday 3-fer. (Dec 02, 2023)

We did this route in 3-1/2 hours.First job in Beaverton, then Tualatin and finally mid-SE Portland, OR

Roof Inspection - Capitol Tower Salem, OR (Oct 31, 2023)

This was our third visit in three years. The cell phone equipment was upgraded. So the company that does the work gets a before and after inspection of the roof so any 'issues' with the roof can't be blamed on them. CYA.

Roof Inspection - Cannon Beach, OR (Oct 18, 2023)

Three years ago we assessed the roof for Cannon Beach Community Church. This time we looked at the Pastor's roof. The roof is well worn but could last another 2-3 years. We sent a summary report and a new roof spec list which will be used as a guide for the new roof.              

Shake Roof Inspection - West Linn, OR (Oct 07, 2023)

The owners wanted an independent assessment so we went to West Linn. The shakes are still  in decent condition as the roof has been maintained. There are many years left in this roof.

Roof Inspection - Oregon City, OR  (Sep 27, 2023)

This church in Oregon City wanted an independent assessment, so we had a look.       

➲ See the Drone Photographs here:  
PORTLANDRONE Videos-Oregon City Church Roof Inspection 

Flat Roof Inspection - Lake Oswego, OR   (Sep 01, 2023)

We were asked to look at this three-year-old smooth-surface torch-applied roof. By coincidence the realtor and roofer called about an hour apart. I met the roofer and had a look. Even though he was not obligated to pay for my help he agreed to pay anyway, which I found commendable. The roof is fine but could really use a quality coating. All this roof has is a base sheet and a 5mm smooth surface membrane. That's it.

Friday Two-Fer - Rhododendron and SE Portland, OR  (Aug 25, 2023)

First job in Rhododendron up on Mt. Hood, and the second job in mid SE Portland.           

Flat Roof Inspection - Forest Grove, OR (Aug 22, 2023)

The property management company wanted an independent assessment so we drove to Forest Grove.  Most of the roof was fine but a few minor/moderate repairs are necessary. Also an area about 18X36 at the center of the low edge should be torn off and reworked.             

Tuesday Three-Fer - OR (Aug 15, 2023)

First job in Gresham, second in Lents, third near home in Milwaukie.      

HOA Inspections - Beaverton, OR (Aug 08-09, 2023)

We were here four years ago. Time for another look. Five-each duplexes and triplexes.            

Roof Inspection - Eugene, OR  (Jul 21, 2023)

This job is on Lorane Highway SW of Eugene. Inspection is for a company in Pennsylvania that helps professionals who have been relocated by their employer. We have done many dozens of these.

This roof fine except for one hour of minor detail touch-up.

Roof Inspection  - Woodburn, OR (Jun 27, 2023)

This house is being sold. Roof is four years old and was done by "college kids", according to the owner. Not a very good install but overall better than some roofs I've seen that were done by "professionals".                                  

Oregon Roof Consulting - Roofing Gallery & Projects - 2023
Roof Inspection - Eugene, OR  (Jun 21, 2023)

The owner is being transferred by her employer to Memphis, so the relocation company asked us to assess her roof. We have done dozens of these. The roof is fine. Afterward we drove to Westfir which is 44 miles from Eugene to see the 'Office Bridge'. This is the only covered bridge west of the Mississippi with an attached pedestrian lane. A good trip.

Tuesday Two-Fer (June 06, 2023 -  D-Day)

First job was in Milwaukie and the second job in Beavercreek.            

Roof Inspection - Salem, OR  (Jun 01, 2023)

This homeowner is being relocated by his employer so the company that helps transferees had us look at the roof.  The roof is starting to show its age but should easily last 7-8 years, maybe longer.        

Friday Two-Fer - Sandy and Portland, OR (May 12, 2023)

Both homes are being sold so we had a look.         

Roof Assessment  - All Saints Church - SE Portland, OR  (Mar 31, 2023)

We were here four years ago; now it's time for another look.  Last time we concentrated on the flat areas. Roofers were trying to sell $110,000 worth of new roof work but I told them all they needed was some rework / repair. They went the repair route and so far so good. The office manager said "You saved us a lot of money". This time we concentrated on the pitched roof areas with shingles. We gave the church a detailed summary saying the pros and cons of all areas and how long each area could last.        

Roof Inspection -  Camas, WA   (Mar 30, 2023)

This home is being sold so we were asked to have a look.  This roof was worn unevenly which is typical. The shingles over the garage are shot ( photos 2 & 3  here ). The rest of the roof was in much better condition.     

Roof Inspection - North Portland, OR   (Mar 29, 2023)

We were asked by the buyer to inspect this roof. This house in the Arbor Lodge area where I grew up. My friends and I would frequently go marauding in this neighborhood back when Swan Island was nothing but brush, scrub, and jack rabbits. The roof overall in decent shape but there is some work to do. A few shingles are slipping out of place at the SW corner. The main issue is 2 small sections in back. They are too shallow for shingles and there is a bunch of missing flashing which provide many openings for water entry. I lifted shingles and it was soaking wet under there. These 2 sections must be redone properly.  

Roof Inspection - Vancouver, WA  (Mar 22, 2023)

This house is being sold, so we were asked to assess the roof.  A minor repair or two is needed other than that this roof should last at least 7-8 years quite possibly longer.     

Tuesday Two-fer - Oregon   (Mar 21, 2023)

First roof in Milwaukie, last roof in Oregon City.  The tile roof had no broken tiles, open valleys with the proper valley metal for tile which we rarely see. All hips and ridges packed with colored mortar - don't see that often either. The Oregon City job was mostly OK The nailing could have been better. The contract called for ice and water shield at all eaves. There is no ice and water shield on this roof which it is always wise to abide by the contract that you write.       

Saturday Two-fer - SE Portland, OR  (Mar 18, 2023)

These two jobs just a few minutes from each other.  The first home being sold and we told them the roof had a good 8-10 years left. Sellers were pleased. The second job has factory defective shingles. Owner got $9,000.00 from the shingle manufacturer. We provided new roof specs and also scrutinized all their bids. 


Roof Inspection St David Of Wales Church - SE Portland, OR  (Mar 17, 2023)

This our fourth visit. I met with Portland Drone to look over some very difficult access areas. See their dropbox........

➲ See the Drone Photographs here:  
PORTLANDRONE Videos and Photos- Roof Inspection-St. David of Wales Church  SE Portland, OR

Wednesday 2-Fer  - SE Portland, OR  (Mar 08, 2023)

First job was a tile roof and the second job was the St. David of Wales Episcopal Church. The tile roof still had many years left so the buyers were relieved. The leaking at the church was at some hard to access areas so I suggested hiring a drone which they did.

Flat Roof Inspection - Capitol Tower - Salem, OR (Mar 03, 2023)

This is the tallest building in Salem. Longtime residents know it as the 'Insley Building'. Built in 1927. Some cell tower equipment is being updated so the contractor wants a before-and-after roof inspection so they can't get blamed for any roof 'issues'. This is our second visit here with one more visit after the work is done.

Roof Inspection/Certification - SE Portland, OR   (Feb 27, 2023)

This house being sold.  Owner relieved the roof should easily last at least 15 years if not longer. The only issue is that the 5 plastic vents have cracks in the hoods and these must be replaced. This is why we always recommend metal vents instead of plastic. Plastic cracks metal doesn't.        

Friday 3-Fer (Feb 17, 2023)

North Portland, then NE Portland, then Hillsboro.  The north Portland job is a fully restored commercial building with a new PVC roof. This job is for a San Francisco based inspection company.  The NE Portland job is a large duplex that still has a good ten years remaining on the roof. The Hillsboro job is a three-tenant commercial building being bought by an investment group. This roof is shot and needs replacement.        

Inspection Two-Fer - SW Washington, WA (Feb 09, 2023)

First job in Longview, second job in Camas.  The Longview job is for a company, based in Pennsylvania, who helps relocated professionals sell their home and find a new home at their new location. This roof still has some years left. The second job is a 72 square new Certainteed 'Presidential shake' 50 year roof. Three leaks here all because of bad valley detail. Nails for ridge shingles are too short. Many ridge pieces flat; they should have an apex. Roof doesn't need a redo but it needs a lot of rework. Sure seems like it would be better to consider doing it right the first time!    

Roof Inspection -  Lake Oswego, OR  (Feb 08, 2023)

These folks are being relocated by their employer.  Roof is an older Presidential Shake shingle that still has a good twenty years left.        

Not needing a roof yet  (Jan 31,  2023)

These two owners were certain they needed a new roof but I convinced them otherwise.  The two south-facing facets are worn but should still last three to five years. The rest of the roof should last eight to ten years.        

Never Seen This Before - SW Portland, OR (Jan 17, 2023)

This cedar shingle roof is sixty-three years old and still in good shape! The row exposure is only 3". A very unique roof. 


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