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Oregon Roof Consulting - Roofing Hall of Shame - 2019

Here at ORC we will soon start our eighth year of service, so we offer some more Hall Of Shame entries that are real doozies. Here we go ! 

New Roof Inspection - Clackamas, OR (Dec 09, 2019)

This one was most impressive. This guy is on his 6th license in 14 years with a track record that includes civil penalties, suspensions, complaints and a lot of unhappy victims. Here he used 18" valley metal while all codes and shingle manufacturers require a minimum width of 24". Contract says new metal flashing so there is no eave/drip flashing and the old T metal was re used with the underlayment on top of the T metal instead of underneath. Many rows were over exposed and the first 4 & 5 rows of shingles on most roof facets were fastened with 3/8" hammertacker felt staples. Other than that it's a great job!

New Roof Inspection - Creswell, OR (Sep 20, 2019)

ORC made a road trip down to Creswell which is just south of Eugene.  The owners were a nice couple in their 90's with the man being a WW2 veteran. I don't like seeing nice folks get robbed especially senior citizens who all seem to have a target on their back and it feels real good to catch some ripoff incompetent cowboy roofer who does shoddy downright fraudulent work.

Here, the contract stated that new membrane roofing would be installed on a small flat section. It wasn't. Most of the ridge on the house and all shingles and ridge on their large garage were fastened with staples. Staples were disallowed by code in April of 2003. The staples used to install the (2nd) layer of shingles on the garage were just 7/8" long. Even if staples were still allowed these were too short to meet minimum deck penetration requirements.

The main issue was that there are and have been many dozens of holes all over the roof for a year and a half. Rows and rows of holes all over the place. These holes were either from toe board jacks or more likely directly nailing 2X4 boards on the new roofing and using those for toe boards. A real dipshit cowboy move there. Get this, when they removed these boards they didn't even bother to caulk the holes. So, for 1 1/2 years water has been entering all these holes! A lawyer has been retained. Stay tuned . . . . . . . . . .                        

New Roof Inspection - Sellwood, OR   (Aug 08, 2019)

From the ground this one looked okay. Up on the roof a different story. Funny how that works.             

Newer Roof Inspection - SE Portland   (Aug 05, 2019)

When I got on this one I became so dizzy I had to sit down. Everything is uneven, crooked, and wavy.     

Roof Inspection - Milwaukie, OR (Jul 20, 2019)

The probable buyers of this home wanted an independent assessment of this torch applied cap sheet roof. This install is a real rodeo brother in law buy him a 6-pack special.

Update : This roof was recently replaced. The seller gave the buyer a significant credit and didn't question our findings one bit.

New Roof Inspection - NE Portland, OR (Jun 29, 2019)

We were asked to inspect this new roof by concerned homeowners. Their concerns were well founded. The opening for the ridge vent just partially cut. Nailing not close to manufacturers specs. Main problem is that the shingles on the roof are not the brand that is mentioned on the signed contract. The so called roofer tried to sneak in an inferior and cheaper brand and I am guessing that this is not the first time they have done that. This time they got caught. In just two years this ripoff artist has thirteen various complaints, orders to pay, civil penalties, suspensions etc. As of this writing their license is suspended for lack of proof of a valid bond. A lawyer has been retained. Game over. I love helping unsuspecting folks and really love catching bastards like this. Very gratifying and rewarding.

Update :

The homeowner's lawyer has filed a claim for fraud and breach of contract.

Update : The owners lawyer tried to serve papers several times on 'Juan' but to no avail. The crook is on the lam and or in hiding. Gee, I wonder if this clown is here legally?

New Roof Inspection - Eugene, OR (Jun 28, 2019)

We made a road trip to Eugene to inspect this roof for a solar installation company who will eventually be installing solar on this house – but not until this new roof is torn off and done again . . . professionally. Bumps and humps and depressions all over the roof ( see photos ). The roof deck is individual boards. The shingle manufacturer GAF says regarding roof decks : " wood decks must have a maximum 1/8" spacing having adequate nail holding capacity and a smooth surface ". Spacing here is much wider than 1/8" and there IS NOT adequate nail-holding capacity and the surface IS NOT smooth. Also, a power vent was removed leaving a large hole. Instead of patching the big hole these professional roofers just rolled the underlayment over the hole - just don't step there please. The opening for the ridge vent was only partially cut, part of the opening cut on both sides of the apex, part of the opening cut on one side of the apex, part of the opening not cut at all - leaving the ridge vent functioning at maybe 15-20% of its capability. Typically where there is ridge vent there is an opening. That way the air can flow! Duhh! Other than all that, it’s a great job!

Roof Inspection - Salem, OR (Jun 21, 2019)

ORC was asked to inspect this tri-plex roof by the recent buyer of this property. They were told that it was a two-year-old roof but the seller had no paperwork to verify this. The buyers asked a "professional roofer" to do a three to five year certification and this "professional roofer" told them the roof was shot and needed immediate replacement. As you can see by these close-up photos this roof is newer and far from being shot. There is no shortage of these lying criminal fraudulent bastards out there. I hear stories like this all the time, and I mean, ALL THE TIME.

New Roof Inspection - Milwaukie, OR  (May 14, 2019)

The seller of this home wanted an independent neutral assessment of this new roof prior to sale. He didn’t like our findings. This roof looks like my 94 year old Mom and my pet rabbit did it. Sincere apologies to Mom & The Bunster Of The Hop.

Missing nails all over the roof and I mean all over. Some facets had 2 layers some facets had 4 layers. Shingles overlapping in the field. First row all around the house had no nails at all in the nailing zone. None. Nearly all shingles had no nail at one end. This one a real rodeo special.

Update :  This house recently had a new new roof installed. Oh well, here's another dips- -t 'roofer' who wont be sending ORC a Christmas Card.              

New Roof Inspection - Beaverton, OR HOA (May 07, 2019)

This is a bad one. Very unfortunate. A year ago I was hired to inspect 10 buildings for this HOA in Beaverton. I told them all roofs still had many years left. One building had one leak so instead of fixing the leak they replaced the roof. ORC was asked to inspect the new roof.

Among the issues the roofer used a different shingle on one building than the contract called for. The 'roofer' had the gall and temerity and arrogance to tell a resident that the shingles were what they were not. You see, these shingles have wrappers which are printed by the manufacturer of the shingles that are in that wrapper. OK? There is a noticeble color difference between the two shingle brands used. The roofer didnt use a thick hi profile ridge the contract called for instead using a standard 1 ply ridge. Nailing was very poor with nails 1 and 2" above the factory embossed nailing line. Contract called for 5 nails per shingle instead it was 4. Contract called for a bleeder/starter strip at rake edges with strip & shingles lapping past the rake edge which is the industry standard. Here they used no bleeder strip and cut the shingles even with the metal. In this writers humble opinion you should always do what your contract says you'll do.

Update :  The building with the wrong shingles will be redone. All the other issues will also be done over - at the roofer's expense of course. ORC will go back - again - and inspect - again. Can't wait !

Update :  The building was redone with the shingles the signed contract specified. During the course of this new new roof a few things were damaged however those issues were nicely rectified. It's a shame that all these folks including the roofer had to go through so much (unnecessary) stress, conflict, worry, expense and waste of time which is why 'Do it right the first time" makes pefect sense to this writer.              

Newer Roof Inspection - Salem, OR (May 06, 2019)

This is about the eleventh roof I have looked at installed by these crooks. This company is a total fraud. Liars, cheats, rip-offs, the scourge of the industry.  Before the sale they treat you like a long lost relative but if you complain about their lousy work they treat you with rude disdain. I wish I could name these thieves on this page but my lawyer advises me not to, even though the roofers are complete rip-offs. Worse than thieves.

Here, these crooks installed a ridge vent but didn't completely cut the hole so the ridge vent is functioning at less than 50% of intended capabilities. For three years the two bathroom utility fans have been venting directly into the attic. Code says air MUST be discharded outdoors. The homeowners asked about this during the installation and the salesman said "it's just fine. The ridge vent will take care of it". Now, at that half of the roof, there are many sheets of plywood that are very soft and spongy. Just total lying frauds and cheats. Complete bastards. There are many in the roofing industry that wish these folks would just go away.        

Vancouver, WA - New Roof Inspection (Apr 11, 2019)

This new roof has some positives including metal not plastic stem vents, lead pipe flashings and continuous ridge vent. The shingles are Malarkey, which is a very good shingle. However this roof had several negatives including :

* Nails for ridge shingles on ridge vent are too short to meet minimum required penetration standards.

* Drip edge metal on flat roof elevated causing standing water. Poly-Iso taper insulation not correctly installed.

* Intake vents are smart/stealth intake vents. Behind each vent is significant 'cupping', and water is seeping in all over the roof. I lifted shingles just below these intakes and there was substantial water between layers of shingles. Everywhere. I lifted shingles above these intakes and all shingles were dry. This will be a near- impossible rework as the sealant used nowadays by manufacturers are very aggressive, and once the shingles are bonded they essentially become one - a monolithic membrane that cannot be separated without damaging them. So, the roof may have to be done over again. Not my call: I'm not a judge or referee. I am just a messenger. So, it is always best to do it right the first time.

Bend, OR - New Roof 2nd visit (Mar 18, 2019)

This was our second visit here. Much has happened since the first visit. Several leaks have sprung. The shingles at the rake edges were flapping so a roofer was hired to nail boards on all rake edges. Mold has started growing in a few spots and there are now tarps on the roof . . . . a brand new roof. Lawyer retained and owner insists on a new roof. Stay tuned.           

➲ See our 2018 Hall of Shame entry: New Roof Inspection - Sunriver, OR  (Oct 18-19, 2018). 

➲ See our Dispute Finalization - Bend, OR  (Nov. 9, 2019).

New Roof Inspection - SE Portland, OR (March 09, 2019)

As soon as I knew who did this roof I knew what I would find. These ripoffs have been in business Seven and one-half years and already have FOURTEEN CCB complaints. Number Fifteen is on the way. They also have 56 Better Business Bureau complaints. Most impressive!

When cutting in a ridge vent you typically cut 1-1/2" off of each side of the apex. Here they cut one side. They cut the other side but didn't bother to trim back the underlayment paper so this ridge vent is essentially non functional. Fastening not remotely close to code or shingle manufacturers instructions. Most nails over driven with nearly all nails significantly above the factory embossed nailing line which is at the 2 ply area of the shingle which is the strongest part of the shingle. it really isn't that difficult to apply a nail. I have actually done it - millions of times. Terrible sloppy detail work everywhere. You name it. 

New Roof Inspection - Alameda, OR (Feb 19, 2019)

We were asked to assess this new roof installation in the beautiful and unique Alameda neighborhood. This is a challenging roof as there is roll edge, real stucco, and a 'barrel' type upper dormer. Many roofers would pass on this job however a roofer in business since 1980 took it on.I knew the owner back then when he had hair. For the most part this company has enjoyed a very good reputation. Unfortunately they really dropped the ball on this job. Legitimate quality control is a real asset however most roofers don't feel the same way. Just follow the money.

3-tab shingles are laid in a pattern. Either the 'every other row' way or more commonly the 5" or 5 5/8" 'stair step (or) farmers row' pattern. Here, both patterns were used. Normally, for continuity sake, the same pattern is used. Look closely at the photo of the upper front barrel dormer. Just a mess. Also, the chimneys have no counter flashing. The roof flashing just sits next to the chimneys. The flashing should go behind the stucco. If that isn't possible then install counter flashing.

This roof job started in early December. Shingles do not cooperate in colder weather. They become rigid and damage / fracture easily. Considering the configuration of this roof they should've waited until June. Now, there is A LOT of rework to do. You don't get paid for the second time - only the first time.

The owner showed me around and this property is packed with high powered, old, rare, valuable antiques. Just blew me away.

New Roof Inspection - SE Portland, OR (Feb 16, 2019)

We were asked by the owner to assess this new Malarkey ‘Highlander’ roof. He had concerns and wanted an inspection before putting on the siding. His concerns were well founded.  

*  Underlayment must continue up the walls. It doesn’t.
*  There should be a ‘reveal’ between the shingles and the step flashing. There isn’t.
*  The top of the rake edge flashing is showing. It shouldn’t be.
* There is roof deck without underlayment. There should be.

This ‘roofer’ has been licensed over 20 years. 20 years and still doesn’t know what he’s doing.


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